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Vexillum supports Sociprime certification

12 Jan 2021Teams ManagementSociprime
A Sociprime obteve a certificação ISO 9001:2015 0

Sociprime obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification, at the end of 2020, with the support of Vexillum.

João Nunes, QSHE Manager SociPrime, tells us a little bit about the company, its history/course, and evolution.

20 years ago we were pioneers in Portugal. But because we always want more, we became the biggest Portuguese Merchandising and Field Marketing company, with experience in the national and international market. In other words, we are specialists in coordinating, managing, and implementing in the field, the communication, marketing, and sales strategies of our Clients, ensuring the fast and effective rotation of their products. As leaders, we know the distribution channels like no other and we have the know-how to provide tailor-made services that ensure that our Clients' brands are the first sight of the consumers. In such a competitive market, our mission is a task of great responsibility and that is why we are very demanding with us. Only the excellence of our professionals allows for the effectiveness of our services and the quality of our offer.

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